Advanced ColdFusion Training: Session 3

In this session, we reviewed arrays and structures, including their differences, lopping over them, and the various functions available in ColdFusion for each. We also looked into the realm of dynamic variables, complex data types, and complex data structures. This session was first conducted on July 2, 2009 and took only 1.5 hours.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Arrays

  • Creating and Displaying
  • Array Functions
  • Looping Over Arrays

Part 2: Structures

  • Creating and Displaying
  • Structure Functions
  • Looping Over Structures

Part 3: Complex Data and Complex Data Structures

  • Accessing Complex Data
  • Dynamic Variables
  • Combining Complex Data Types

Best Practices and Reminders

Applying What We Learned

Download the 20 page PDF

Ye ol' disclaimer: These sessions are not exact copies of the Adobe materials. I sometimes combine units, removed all “homework”, removed all the Dreamweaver dependent stuff, occasionally reorder the content order, and I rewrite large chunks and add in my own materials where I feel necessary/relevant. As such, any errors here are likely mine. I did, however, retain some of their example images and some of their basic example code and queries (in which case, errors may also be theirs).