ColdFusion Training: Session 4

Session 4 combines Adobe's final intro level units, 9 & 10, with quite a bit added to fill in details more. It was conducted on May 7, 2009 and took approximately 3 hours.

Table of Contents:

Part 10: Recycling Code

  • Custom Tags
    • Scoping with Custom Tags
    • End tags
    • Alternate calling methods
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Introducing ColdFusion Components (CFCs)

Part 11: Securing Your Apps

  • The Application Framework
  • Session Framework

Best Practices Reminders

Download the entire 21 page PDF

Ye ol' disclaimer: These sessions are not exact copies of the Adobe materials. I combined their units, removed all “homework”, the Dreamweaver dependencies, occasionally reordered the content order, rewrote large chunks, and added in my own materials where I felt necessary/relevant. As such, any errors here are likely mine. I did, however, retain some of their example images and some of their basic example code and queries.