Finding a Key in An Array

The current application I'm working on has multiple "wizards", i.e. multi page forms that store data between the pages, allow moving back and forth, and so on.  These wizards have some things in common, so I have a base controller their individual controllers all extend to access that common functionality, […]

Overdue Update

Wow, it's been nearly two months since my last post!  Whoops! I'm still around, it's been a strange mix of quiet and hectic lately.  Quiet in that we wrapped up our first PHP Zend project and got it out the door.  Thus far it's worked pretty well other than the occasional completely […]

Getting SOAPy with ZF2

Taking a little break from my learning application to really just jump in with both feet into our current first Zend application. As we're getting near the deadline for completion, I was tasked with creating the SOAP stuff that another app will be accessing to pull data from our application. Before anyone […]