2024 Goals: New Year

The start of a new year means fully resetting the goal list and starting over.  There really wasn’t much of a change in the goal status from the last update, so I’m not doing a separate post of the final status.  I did go through them all on my Twitch stream though, if anyone wants a recap of the start vs the end of the year.

Broadly, some goals had to fall by the wayside as more major life changes happened, including starting a new relationship unexpectedly, Reborn moving in, a year of successful therapy doing wonders for my mental health, and adopting Chloe.  Said life changes did throw the finances into a serious loop, so big goals include things to try to get that back on track, as well as dealing with my apnea diagnosis, health in general, and of course the house, as always.

I also mostly ditched any goals that have lingered on my list for 2+ years because it’s clear it’s not happening, at least not the way I want.  I also did a lot of house goals because of breaking a big goal into smaller, more manageable steps 😀


These are goals revolving around anything related to my personal finances.

  1. Keep monthly spending within monthly income
  2. Drainage loan paid in full
  3. Meal Plan each week as much as possible
  4. Sell unneeded/unwanted items as possible

Fitness and Health

Anything related to exercise, weight loss, general fitness, and being a healthier me.

  1. Get back to strength training 3 days a week
  2. Cardio at least once a week
  3. Get CPAP machine and use it correctly
  4. Weight below 200 lbs

Around the House

The unending money sink…

  1. Clean out boxes in library closet
  2. Clean up library clutter and put away books still not put away
  3. Clean up black bookcase in home office
  4. Clean up white bookcase in home office
  5. Catch up on paper shredding and filing
  6. Finish moving files from old cabinet to desk
  7. Come up with new office/stream room layout and implement
  8. Clean out closet in home office for Reborn to use as his closet
  9. Fix the fucking fence gate a-fucking-gain
  10. Clean off dining room table
  11. Clean off desk
  12. Clean off coffee table

Streaming and Content Creation

Goals specific to my Twitch streams and other content creation.

  1. Release at least 10 more Let’s Plays on YouTube
  2. Complete at least 12 games on stream
  3. Get emotes for Kumo and Chloe
  4. Get mic arm set up
  5. Stream a Switch game
  6. Replace long raid trailer with two shorter ones

Everything Else

Pretty much any other goals that don’t fit in the above categories, like hobby-related stuff, pet stuff, professional development, and the like.

  1. Read 20 books
  2. Read something, beyond ongoing webcomics, at least weekly
  3. Simply Piano: 3-star all non-religious songs from Essentials III
  4. Simply Piano: Finish Pop Cords I course
  5. Simply Piano: 3-start all non-religious songs from Classical 1
  6. Consistently practice piano at least twice a week
  7. Edit and post all 2023 pics
  8. Take Reborn to Corpus Christi
  9. Check paint supplies to see if they are still even usable
  10. Figure out Kumo regular exercise (in the yard, walks, etc)