2023 Goals: October Check-In

Rather late on this month’s post, but finally getting to it.  Four goals were finished, and some failed.  I also had to accept that some goals are no longer doable after all the life changes this year, so canceled those, with notes as appropriate.  Wee!


These are goals revolving around anything related to my personal finances.

  1. Drainage loan balance below $2,200
  2. No NEW debt failed, as life changes resulted in emptying the savings and running at a deficit for a bit
  3. Be firmer on staying ON budget with spending, particularly in my problem areas of overspending on Twitch ($100/mth) and gifting ($100/mth) failed, with Minnie Meetup and Ray’s joining of the household, ended up running up some debt and budget is all out of whack right now

Fitness and Health

Anything related to exercise, weight loss, general fitness, and being a healthier me.

  1. Strength training at least two days a week – switched from the Rec to Planet Fitness to help with saving money and being able to workout with Ray – we we doing good until Minnie Meetup, need to get back on track
  2. Some form of cardio at least two days a week
  3. Sleep at least 5 hours a night

Around the House

The unending money sink…

  1. Fix hall drywall, particularly the ceiling No longer financially doable this year
  2. Repaint house exterior No longer financially doable this year
  3. Clean out junk in the home office that hasn’t been touched in 5+ years already
  4. Clean out unneeded boxes in the home office and library closets
  5. Fix fence gate… yet again – NEW!

Streaming and Content Creation

Goals specific to my Twitch streams and other content creation.

  1. Consistently stream three days a week
  2. Complete at least 12 games on stream
  3. Stream another PSOne game With the amount of time left in the year, don’t think I’m gonna be able to do all three of these at this point
  4. Stream another PS2 game Ditto
  5. Stream a PS3 game Ditto
  6. Make or purchase an official logo/avatar/icon thingie

Everything Else

Pretty much any other goals that don’t fit in the above categories, like hobby-related stuff, pet stuff, professional development, and the like.

  1. Successfully take Kumo through obedience foundations classes No longer financially doable this year, but started training at home
  2. Read 20 books
  3. Update An Eclectic World to Laminas, Bootstrap 5, etc.
  4. Get through picture editing and posting from June 2022 and before Decided that as an act of self-care, I would move all pictures to be edited from before the breakup out of the processing pile and will deal with them when I’m emotionally ready
  5. Simply Piano: 3-star all non-religious songs from Essentials III
  6. Piano: Learn two songs from sheet music   I have 2 or 3 songs of sheet music that I can consistently play 99-100% accurately 🥰
  7. Consistently practice piano at least twice a week – NEW!