Gaming in 2023, The Second Quarter

Despite having so many games to play, I somehow ended up getting another 17 this quarter, not including stuff I’ve downloaded/installed from PS Plus or GamePass 😅😅  I did manage to complete a few games as well.  It would have probably been more if stuff hadn’t come up in the last month or so that ate up a lot of gaming time, but working on fixing that this quarter!

As always, between these updates, you can watch me stream on Twitch (usually 3x a week), I’ve started posting some Let’s Plays on YouTube as well, and you’re welcome to track what I’m playing as well as see all the games in the backlog over at!

Actively Playing

  1. Yakuza 5 (PS4)
  2. Evil West (Steam)
  3. Crash Bandicoot 4 (PS4)


  1. Silent Nights – April 19th
  2. Convenient – April 27th
  3. The Test: Secrets of the Soul 2 – April 28th
  4. Horizon Forbidden West – May 30th
  5. The Past Within – June 5th
  6. We Were Here – June 5th
  7. Homebody – June 22nd
  8. Stray – July 3rd

Dropped/Did Not Finish

  1. Reclusive – excessive collection of the fuel (666???) with lack of pointers, over powerful monsters; just too frustrating (see playthrough)
  2. Visage – got through Rakan and Lucy’s, got frustrated with the last chapter and running in circles for an hour, and having to use a guide to do anything most of the game

New Acquisitions


  1. The Test: Secrets of the Soul 2 (Steam)
  2. Dead Island: Definitive Edition Bundle (Steam)
  3. Labyrinthine (Steam)
  4. Reclusive (Steam)
  5. Dying Light Definitive Edition (Steam)
  6. Heist Kitty: Multiplayer Cat Simulator (Steam)
  7. Homebody (Steam)
  8. Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery (Steam)
  9. Suffer The Night (Steam)
  10. The Room (Steam)
  11. The Room Two (Steam)
  12. The Room Three (Steam)
  13. The Room 4: Old Sins (Steam)
  14. Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition (Steam)
  15. Death and Taxes (Steam)
  16. Before Your Eyes (Steam)
  17. Who Knocks (Steam)