Gaming in 2022, End of Year Update

FOURTEEN games completed!  Woo hoo!  And so many new games added since the last update… weee!   So here is how I rounded out 2022 in gaming

As always, between these updates, you can watch me stream on Twitch (usually 3x a week) and you’re welcome to track what I’m playing as well as see all the games in the backlog over at!

Actively Playing

  1. Horizon Forbidden West (PS4)
  2. Gas Station Simulator (Steam)


  1. The Test: Hypothesis Rising (Steam) – October 7th
  2. Resident Evil 3 (Steam) – October 8th
  3. Broforce (Steam) – October 23rd
  4. At Dead of Night (Steam) – October 28th
  5. Alien: Isolation (GamePass) – November 1st
  6. Until Dawn – November 4th
  7. Outlast (Steam) – November 18th
  8. Psychonauts (Steam) – November 25th
  9. Discolored (Steam) – November 13th
  10. Beside Myself – December 25th
  11. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) – December 27th
  12. MIND CORRIDORS: Paroniria – December 28th
  13. The Beast Inside (Steam) – December 29th
  14. Doom (Steam) – December 30th

Dropped/Did Not Finish

  1. Nioh 2 (PS4)

New Acquisitions


  1. Nioh 2 (PS4)


  1. Broforce (Steam)
  2. Call of Juarez Gunslinger (Steam)
  3. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition (Steam)
  4. Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition (Steam)
  5. Batman: Arkham Knight (Steam)
  6. Darkwood (Epic)
  7. Beside Myself (Steam)
  8. The Test: Final Revelation (Steam)
  9. At Dead of Night (Steam)
  10. Darkwood (Steam; actually had on Epic but replaced)
  11. Not Tonight (PC)
  12. We Were Here (Steam)
  13. We Were Here Too (Steam)
  14. Metro Last Light Redux (Steam)
  15. Evil West (Steam)
  16. Mirror Forge (Steam)
  17. Remothered: Tormented Fathers (Steam)
  18. Discolored (Steam)
  19. House (Steam)
  20. Fallout: New Vegas (Steam)
  21. In Sound Mind (Steam)
  22. Rage 2 (Steam)
  23. DOOM Eternal (Steam)
  24. Fallout: New Vegas (Steam)
  25. Resident Evil Village (Steam)
  26. Manual Samual (Steam)
  27. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Steam)
  28. Monuments Flipper (Steam)