Gaming in 2022, September Update

I did decide to remove the full TBP lists since they just kinda duplicated my lists at HowLongToBeat anyway.  Instead, it will just be a list of new games acquired since the last update, plus my list of actively playing, completed, and dropped games, yay!  Since I play some games shortly after getting them, some may appear on both lists.  And with that, here’s what I’m playing, completed, or tried since the last update back in April!

As always, between these updates, you can watch me stream on Twitch (usually 3x a week) and you’re welcome to track what I’m playing as well as see all the games in the backlog over at!

Actively Playing

  1. Outlast (Steam)
  2. Hades (GamePass PC)
  3. Psychonauts (Steam)
  4. Horizon Forbidden West (PS4)
  5. Nioh (PS4)


  1. Mass Effect (part of ME Legendary Edition; PC) – finished Jan. 10th, approximate playtime: 43 hrs
  2. Poppy Playtime, Chapter 1 (PC) – played and finished Feb 4th, playtime: 1 hr, 36 mins
  3. Papers, Please (PC) – finished Feb 23rd, approximate playtime: 27 hours to get all three good endings, plus five others
  4. Shadow Hearts (PS2) – finished March 17th, playtime: 35 hrs, 55 mins
  5. Radical Dreamers (PS4) – part of Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers edition, finished April 14th, playtime: 3 hrs 47 mins
  6. Mass Effect 2 (part of ME Legendary Edition; PC) – finished April 29th, playtime: 45 hrs, 14 mins 
  7. Maneater (GamePass PC) – finished May 11th, playtime: 16 hrs, 46 mins
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – finished June 6th, approximate playtime: 104 hrs, 48 mins (replay/platinum run)
  9. The Baby in Yellow (PC) – played and finished June 25th, playtime: 1.5 hrs
  10. I’m on Observation Duty 4 (PC) – finished July 8th, playtime: 11 hrs, 42 mins
  11. Simulacra (PC) – finished July 9th, playtime: 3 hrs, 36 mins
  12. Train Station Renovation (PC) – finished August 6th, playtime 33 hours, 6 mins
  13. Dear Esther (PC) – played and finished August 11, playtime 1 hr, 30 minutes
  14. Locked Up – played and finished August 19th, playtime 3 hrs, 18 minutes
  15. Find Yourself – played and finished August 19th, playtime  1 hr, 8 minutes
  16. Summer of ’58 – played and finished August 20th, playtime 2 hrs, 36 minutes
  17. Mass Effect 3 (part of ME Legendary edition; Steam) – finished August 26th, playtime 52 hr, 51 minutes
  18. The Mortuary Assistant (Steam) – finished September 4th, playtime 9 hrs, 48 minutes

Dropped/Did Not Finish

  1. Lawn Mowing Simulator (GamePass) – just didn’t hit the vibes that games like House Flipper and PowerWash Simulator do
  2. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition (PS4) – for some reason, I just couldn’t get into it like I did long ago, finally dropped after 20+ hours
  3. Please Wake Up (Steam) – started good, but got dull, repetitive, and frustrating in the final level
  4. Kraven Manor (freebie on Steam) – just plain boring, despite the cool mechanic of arranging the rooms

New Acquisitions


  1. God of War (PS4 Digital)
  2. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (PS4 Digital)
  3. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (PS4 Digital)
  4. Yakuza: Like a Dragon (PS4 Digital)
  5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (PS4 Digital)


  1. I’m On Observation Duty 4 (Steam)
  2. Say No! More (Steam)
  3. Train Station Renovation (Steam)
  4. Simulacra (Steam)
  5. Simulacra 2 (Steam)
  6. The Mortuary Assistant (Steam)
  7. Summer of ’58 (Steam)
  8. Find Yourself (Steam)
  9. Locked Up (Steam)
  10. The Beast Inside (Steam)
  11. Gas Station Simulator (Steam)