The Light Remake

What’s this, I played another game all the way through!? Go me! Granted, it again was a very short game, i.e. The Light Remake, which I snagged during the Steam Summer sale. I’d seen a trailer or something for it, so I’d had it wishlisted awhile.

It was… disappointing seems almost too strong a word, but I can’t really think of what else to use. It is basically a walking sim in which you are walking around in an empty world, exploring it, reading notes, and finding items for opening doors, and using a few items.

There are also the occasional pictures and graffiti, plus a weird film, but it never really felt like the story came into full cohesion. I mean you get the basic idea of what happened to the people, that ongoing war leads to the dreaded WWIII and nuclear fallout, but there is absolutely no explanation of how your character is still alive.  And the ending is kind of just wut?

It isn’t helped by the rough translation (the game was originally done in Russian) of the notes and some English bits, and quite a few other Russian bits just left untranslated. Now being me, I presumed they had some meaning or added some flavor to the story, but since I couldn’t read them, I never knew for sure.

The game is quite lovely graphically and the music is good.  That said, it is set in a very generic and bland small set of buildings, almost nothing to really make it unique to this story or even to really make it feel like it was set in Russia. The controls are basic, which I expected since it is basically a point-and-click, but the indicator point to let you know you can do an action or something can be interacted with is TINY! Even with the indicator turned on, I couldn’t see the dot most of the time. This meant moving around the joystick until the item or action point was finally highlighted.

I don’t feel like I wasted my time playing it, but I also am not sure if it had any real point other than bashing you in the head with the message that we will eventual self-destruct through the weapons we make for war and that there is no stopping it?

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