2017 Goal Check In: May Progress

Still waiting for all the medical bills to come in.  Hospital is ridiculously slow processing them.  Had surgery, but it was only partially successful, so will have to repeat in two months or so, which means more bills.  And have a bunch more upcoming for dental work.  Finally getting a bunch done I need done, but oh does the $$ hurt.  Dental insurance is a joke, with a very low per year max, so will have to juggle things to stretch over the plan year.  First up, though, my first root canal ever.  weee.

Despite all that, mostly on track for my financial goals, though #3 is getting tighter as most extra funds are having to divert to keep my credit card in line, which is where all the medical bills have been going as that sinking fund is long drained.  Most other stuff has managed to stay within their funds at least.


  1. Mortgage balance below $80,000 – down to just over $85,000, though thanks to escrow shortage, payments won’t be hitting as much principal 🙁
  2. Student loan balance below $15,000 – getting closer!  at $16,200!
  3. Student loan group 06/07 (oldest loans) paid in full – $2,200 to go!
  4. Additional $1,500 added to Roth IRA

Fitness and Health

  1. Weight down to 160 lbs. (weight on January 1st: 172 lbs.) by June – don’t even wanna talk about it :-/
  2. Weight down to 150 lbs. by end of year
  3. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least twice a week at lunch time by July – a little derailed this month due to medical issues, but getting back on track as I recover
  4. Consistently do some form of physical activity at least three times a week at lunch time by October
  5. Walk up the stairs at work at least twice a week by July – I hate it but I’m still doing it other than the short pause after my surgery!
  6. Walk up the stairs at least three times a week by October

Around the House

  1. Have all old insulation removed from attic
  2. Replace living room and home office air conditioning units
  3. Clean up/out home office closet (smaller one)
  4. De-weed and restore smaller front garden and replant – if it happens now, probably won’t be until the fall because starting to hit summer temps and medical issues leaving me unable to do the work physically for a short term
  5. Finish kitchen cabinet/counter project! – short pause while sweetie is producing a show 🙂

Everything Else

  1. Play at least 5 console games – Two done!  Finished Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV started 🙂
  2. Code new PHP importers for An Eclectic World
  3. Code web-based admin for An Eclectic World


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