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Summer’s ICEE Guide: Target

There are two Target’s in the Bryan-College Station area and both serve ICEEs along with the usual Target café food (hot dogs, soft pretzels, Pizza Hut personal pans) and having a Starbucks.  As they are pretty similar in nature, I’ll cover them both on one post. Locations 3061 Wildflower Dr, Bryan […]

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2016 Goal Check In: June Results

Only two goals done this month and added a few more on the basis of my new overall plan for improving the cooling/heating situation in my house without getting central HVAC.  Really need to work on knocking out some of those smaller goals :-/ Financials Pay off the $5,000 personal […]

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2016 Goal Check In: May Results

With an upcoming vacation, the iPad, car stuff, etc…new goal for finances that makes me less than happy to need.  Stress has had me slipping back into emotional eating, undoing a little of my weight loss, though still below what I started the year with (and well below what I […]